Smokeless Cigarette Reviews And Comparisons Guide

Are All Smokeless Cigarettes Created Equal?

Smokeless Cigarettes Perform Differently From Brand To Brand. There Are Many To Choose From.  Learn How To Quit Smoking And Enjoy Electronic Cigarettes With The Same Satisfaction.

An Inside Review and Comparison Guide

Electronic Cigarette Recommendation 1


SmokeStik Classic

10 Reasons For You To Enjoy Electronic Cigarettes With Help From Smokestik

Out of the many brands that are out there, the Smokestik is a USA controlled, tobacco Free, smokeless, carcinogen-Freeelectronic smoking device.  With anything that will be inhaled through your mouth to your lungs, Quality control variations may become an issue from manufacturer to manufacturer.  This particular device from the USA however, gives us enough evidence that their quality process is sound.  It is shipped to other countries as well so everyone can enjoy.

Our reviews and many others who have switched over from regular cigarettes have confessed that this e-cig has what it takes to satisfy your smoke cravings. You could call this the Cadillac of all E-Cigarettes.  At about the cost of 15 pks of regular cigarettes, this product comes complete with a great carrying case,  long charge cord, charger, 2 Lithium long lasting batteries, 5 cartridges, and 2 cartomizers (equivalent to 60 regular cigarettes).  When we received this product the batteries where about 3/4 charged.  This allowed us to try this finely engineered product right out of the box.

Instantly after taking your first inhale of the Smokestik you feel transported as if you have a real cigarette! The taste is real, the inhalation and exhalation was exceptionally realistic and satisfying (satisfies the medium-heavy smokers).  Also, The Smokestik electronic cigarette cartridges come with and without an atomizer built in. We prefer the built in disposible atomizer. This product is light-years ahead of other E-Cigarettes.  In our Review, there is no Comparison to the large amount of vapor that this product releases (among the other brands) along with smoothness and ease of use. Complete satisfaction in a guiltless product, this is ingenious!!

Advantages of the Smokestik electronic cigarette:

• No harmful side-effects
Free from tar
• Does not release many of the chemicle substances produced by cigarette smoking
• Does not need to be lit
• Convenient to smoke
Safe from fire hazards when used correctly
• Odorless upon dispersal
• Does not release tobacco smoke (only vapor)
• Can be used in most public places
• Multiple levels of nicotine content and colors

Note: Originally manufactured in the USA in 2008-2009 and then moved operations to China in late 2009. Smokestik does own the factory and produce their own product exclusively. Naturally Smokestik is still warehoused and assembled in the USA along with their above average customer service.  Shipping is based in the USA.

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E Cigarette Number 2

South Beach Smoke Starter KitE-Cigarette From South Beach Smoke

The South Beach Smoke electronic smoking device is new.  However, after our ComparisonReview period, it has ranked as our number 2 product.  The Deluxe Starter kit is packed with everything you need to quit smoking fast.  It arrives with a classy box that organizes everything very well.  The Kit includes the following:

– 2 different size rechargeable Lithium Ion “electronic cigarette” Batteries (1 is longer than the other for a 100s look). The batteries we tested had a long life between charges.

– 5 (6mg) Disposable Atomized Cartridges with an assortment of Flavors. We prefer these type of cartridges over the filter tips and e-liquid types. One Cartridge is comparable to 1 1/2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

– 1 Charger with power cable – (The Smokestik Brand has the longest charge cord)

– 1 Membership Card – (about 30% lower Refill costs when auto shipped)

– Lifetime Replacement Warranty and 30 day Money Back Guarantee

– Worldwide Shipping

A revolution to the time-honored tradition of cigarette smoking.  Experience the pleasure of smoking without many of the dangerous risks posed by conventional cigarette smoke. South Beach Smokeis an electronic non-flammable smoking device that functions similar to regular cigarette smoking.  South Beach Smoke satisfies those smoking cravings and provides the same stimulating pleasure found in traditional cigarettes. South Beach Smoke is ranked number 2 on our guide because it provides a milder inhaling sensation and the amount of exhaled vapor or smoke volume is not as much as compared to our number 1 e-cigarette pick. Perfect for the “medium-heavy” smokers.

Advantages of The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette:

Best Value For The Money ( allot of satisfaction and enjoyment from about 2/3 the cost)
• Tar-Free
• Flavored Cartridges
• Approximately 4000 chemicals removed compared to regular cigarette smoking
• Does not need to be lit
• Nice Looking and Convenient to smoke
Safe when used correctly
• Odorless
• About the same size as a traditional cigarette
• No Lighter Necessary
• Housing color in White with imitation FSC rings
• LED tip comes in traditional red
• Does not release tobacco smoke
• Can be used in most public places
• Many different Flavors to choose from (Tobacco, Cherry, Menthol, Vanilla, and Chocolate)
• 4 levels of nicotine content

South Beach Smoke Nicotine Strength:

You can choose your level of nicotine depending on what you would normally smoke from one tobacco cigarette. South Beach Smoke cartridges are available in the following strengths:

– Full Flavored (16mg) – comparable to traditional non-filtered cigarettes

– Light (12mg) – comparable to traditional ‘Lights’

– Ultra Light (6mg) – comparable to traditional ‘Ultra Lights’

– No Nicotine (0mg) – cartridges with the flavor but which contain no nicotine at all

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes have hit the e-cigarette market by storm with their low model and convenient delivery program. Electronic cigarettes are around $100-a-starter kit; South Beach Smoke provides their product for as low as $29.99. They do e-cigs with a high product and customer service.

South Beach Smoke also has customer service which undoubtedly comes in handy when dealing with electronics. a high delivery program which comes with a lifetime warranty on their and 30% monthly shipments of cartridges.

To get the lowest all year-round offerings at an incredible 15% Off any Starter Kit, sign up for our e-mail and add the Coupon code at check-out to get 15% off your order. Hurry though – we’re don’t know how long this deal will be around for.

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E Ciagrette




Smokeless Cigarette From SmokeStik Ultra – The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Unlike the classic 2 piece cartridge e-cigarette brands, SmokeStik Ultra is a healthier alternative to smoking. While regular cigarettes contain tobacco and 4000+ carcinogens, Smokestik Ultra contains just nicotine and a perfect blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vaping E-liquids have 4 ingredients which are a PG or VG base, water, nicotine, and flavorings. See more at: SmokeStik Ultra Comparison – looks cool and produces a lot of vapor.  Remember a regular cigarette provides the nicotine that smokers crave, and vaping Sticks produce a fulfilling smoke experience without the harmful, Cancer-causing toxins, ashes, smells or second hand smoke.

It is a battery-powered device that vaporizes nicotine and provides a Safe inhaled dose. One battery charge is approximately 433 puffs. The vapor that the product emits is huge! and has no smell and causes no harm to the smoker or those around them. Imagine being able to smoke at your desk in the office, not having to stand outside in the cold or rain for a cigarette break, being able to smoke in the same room as non-smokers, enjoying a smoke at a bar, restaurant, airport or in the car. Imagine your furniture, clothes, hair and breath not smelling like smoke. That is all possible with the SmokeStik Ultra. We ranked this third in our lineup not because this is not a great product but rather a button is pressed while vaping.  Some people prefer just to have a drag and let the traditional e-cigs activate the process while others prefer more smoke to be produced and find that the button press is not a show stopper.

Each 10ml e-liquid bottle is comparable to at least 2-3 packs of tobacco cigarettes. The cost of the bottles is where you really save money. Would you ever have imagined that you could pay under $2.00 for a pack of cigarettes??

There are different levels of nicotine. SmokeStik Ultra also offers the choice to choose nicotine density levels:
18mg = comparable to non-filtered cigarettes
8mg = comparable to ‘Red’
0mg = e-liquid with flavor but which contain no nicotine at all
If you are in the process of reducing your nicotine consumption, you can gradually move down nicotine levels.
The e-liquids come in a variety of Flavors including Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, and many more. You can choose your nicotine level in any of the Flavors. We always continue to develop many more Flavors and invite you to try them all and discover your favorite.


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  1. CINDY L says:


    • Smokestik and SouthBeachSmoke by far are the best eCigs we have ever reviewed. We have reviewed NJOY and blu and they are in my mind a waste of money. If its your only last option go for it, however, go back online and order Smokestik or SBS. Find out more at this link Also, Electronic cigarettes, which are manufactured in China (like NJOY), are subject to little quality control, Dr. Sharfstein has mentioned. Studies found the levels of nicotine to vary even in cartridges whose labels claim to have the same amount of nicotine. Some of the cartridges that claimed not to contain nicotine actually did, the analysis found. In Smokestik and SBS the vapor consists of USP Grade propylene glycol, USP Grade vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavorings. The USP Grade propylene glycol is the primary component in our vapor solution. Propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA and is used in a number of common household ingredients such as cake mix, vanilla extract, and food coloring. The USP Grade vegetable glycerin is extracted from vegetable oils. It is another component in our proprietary solution that provides vapor when heated. It is classified by the FDA as a caloric macronutrient in the sugar alcohol category. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin help keep the vapor solution lubricated inside of the cartomizer. This allows it to be easily turned into a vapor when the e-cig is smoked. The vapors in Smokestik and South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes also contain full-bodied flavors.

  2. Linnea Speece says:

    I am having serious health issue (asthma and other lung related issues) due to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes for over 30 years. I need to quit smoking and/or make some changes but I have struggled trying to quit and I really enjoy smoking. After much research I think the e-cigs are worth a try. The only concern I have is I have noticed that people never blog about how much better they feel after being on e-cigs for an extended period. Usually when people quit smoking reg tobacco cigarettes they are so excited about how much better they feel. I wonder why people do not write about that with e-cigs….??Also I see the e-cigs sold in the convenient stores around my area. They are the brand name NJOY and come with the company’s warranty. Is it okay to buy them locally or would I be better off to order them through the main company’s web-site? I would like to start on them in the next day or so and if I buy them local I would not have to wait on them to be mailed to me.

  3. Alison Yashinski says:

    I have Premium cigs batteries and I want to use them with Green Smoke cartomizers. What type of adapter do I need to purchase?

  4. KIm says:

    Where did The Safe Cig website/company go? They are gone????? I loved them, and now have all their equipment to no avail.

  5. James Nikon says:

    Smokeless electronic cigarettes is the answer for those people who want to quit smoking on an easy way. For heavy smokers, this technology is highly recommended.

  6. Taylor Plikerd says:

    I have been using “the safe cig” e-cigarette for about 2 months now and I like it a lot. It has helped me cut back significantly on the number of marlboro lights I smoke a day and it comes in really handy in bars and at work. I think that the classic 18mg flavor tastes the closest to a marlboro light. They have excellent customer support and you can even track the shipments and choose express delivery for like 6 bucks extra. I have created a site that reviews a bunch of the more popular brands and I’d appreciate it if any of you could add your wisdom on these other brands, I want to keep the comments honest so I’m not going to post any fake reviews. Here is the address to my site . Best of luck to everybody!

  7. e cigarette coupons says:

    Prior to starting the ecig I had uncontrolled HTN and a VERY rapid heart rate. Since starting, all nymbers have come down into the normal range.

  8. David Demaio says:

    For your next post, perhaps you can address the issue of commenting addiction, and tell me how to get my life back 🙂

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