Are Electronic cigarettes allowed in school? If so what would ones argument be if expelled?

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I got expelled from my school because i had my electronic cigarette on me. I’ve been trying to quit smoking and been using this to help me out for just when i get the urge. But now im expelled and dont know what to do. I mean nicotine patches are fine in school same with nicotine gum, why not nicotine vapor? please help me i wanna fight this but cant find any info my self


  1. eciger says:

    the student code of conduct does say “no nicotine products”,as for e cigs you can acquire 0ml nicotine in other words,its just flavored water vapor.not sure about all of this corrupt system.

    good luck,

    fight for us ecigers….

  2. another nicotine fiend says:

    ok, so the florida state statute 569.11 is the state statute regarding “tobacco” products, and it clearly states that under the age of 18 you can’t be in the knowing posession of tobacco products. heres the catch, e cigs arent tobacco products, now if you check into your state statutes (arizona is the only one in the proccess of trying to ban e cigs) it will say the same thing, now if you get your school policies if it doesnt specifically say “no nicotine products” then your 10000000% safe and can actually sue your school for the lost education, youll be allowed back into school, and probably get like a $10,000 out of court settlement for the “misunderstanding”

  3. Scotty Mack says:

    You definitely need to find out the exact words used in your school’s policy. I find it hard to believe that they specifically prohibit e-cigarettes. You need to fight this through the school board or maybe even through your local TV news station. They always love the “kid got kicked out of school because of an idiot administrator” angle.

    Don’t you have parents? What are they doing to fight this?

    Also show them how you spell the word “allowed” so that they can see you really do need to go to school!

  4. laughter_every_day says:

    You seem to be asking if every school in the world has the exact same rules. They do not. If you want to fight it, start with finding out the rules that govern your specific school.

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