Can You Buy Electronic Cigarettes In Stores?

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The quick answer is YES.  However, do your research and homework to know what brand to buy.  There are several electronic cigarettes out on the market today.  The best way to understand the benefits and features of each branded e-cig device is to go to the comparison guide HERE.  If you are doing some shopping around, here are some tips or items for you to think about:

  1. How long will the batteries last.  On most gas station and smoking ban bars, you might as well throw your money away.  These brands are mostly Chinese cheap imitation e-cigarettes and are designed to last about a week or two before having severe quality issues.  If you go to a cigarette store make sure you ask about battery life, the good brands have a battery life of about 2-7 days depending on how often you use the electronic cigarette.
  2. Does it come with a USB, Home, and/or car charger?
  3. How much vapor smoke is being exhaled.  Some electronic cigarettes in stores will only produce a puff to a little bit.  The USA brands like Smokestik are high quality and produce so much vapor that you can actually blow smoke rings.
  4. The size of the inhale hole at the smokeless cigarette tip matters.  Many people I know, including myself have bought brands which look cool, however, when you try to inhale, you almost turn blue because they restrict your inhale while not allowing you to feel the same satisfaction you get from a traditional cigarette.
  5. Leaky filters.  The last thing you need is the filter tip to leak e-cig liquid into your mouth.  The cheap brands tend to use e-liquid and it is basically a mess to refill and use.  The best smokeless cigarette brands come with cartomizers which contain the filter, vapor liquid, and tip all in one.  Just screw it into your battery and your done.

So where is the best place to buy electronic cigarettes? The answer so far has been online (visit Smokestik and get 10% off) however your local store may want to carry a brand you recommend to them from your experience.

Use the electronic cigarette comparison table guide to help you decide which brand of smokeless cigarette will work best for you.

The most important features of an e-cig are listed and compared side by side for you to compare brands and features.  Keep in mind that these are the top brands from many others we have reviewed.  The table is based on 4-6 week trial periods.

[price_table id=2769]

Please comment below if you have other questions and we will gladly post your questions and answers for you and lessons learned for others like you to learn from.


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  2. Yes, tell all your friends you know to look on the web for electronic cigarettes to check how massive this industry is, and
    how huge the range is for these superb products is.
    What p*sses me off, though, are the growing number of articles in the media
    saying how dreadful they are. Apparently pharmaceutical companies – the makers of stop-smoking products are supporting an anti e-cig war – less
    so the tobacco firms (as you might presume) – as they cigarette manufacturers are starting to
    secretly manufacture them. I can really appreciate the health gains of
    e cigs. Just saying – that there is always some secret pact with these
    faceless entities trying to censure electronic cigarettes .
    .. our country’s government should do a lot more to promote their use. This makes me so cross. Thanks Can You Buy Electronic Cigarettes In Stores? | Smokeless Cigarette Guide.

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  3. Florence Niday says:

    Really????? For God’s sake. The government spends boatloads of money trying to get the consumer to quit smoking because of the healthcare costs and now they want to put charges on the consumers who have quit. When does this nightmare of government wasting our money with out of control spending and then keep implementing new ways to have us pay for their mistakes. It is disgusting and wrong. When will it end?

  4. Brant Wadell says:

    I don’t think flaunt is the right word. When you are told what you can and can’t do , and when and where you can’t do it because its due to others health and you abide by it and suck it up. Then you get hit with how Tacky it looks or that the looks of it offends people, and you deal with it. Now here comes a product that helps people quit smoking and does not harm others, and the biggest concern is “the looks and action of smoking might offend someone”. There are a whole lot of people who need to get a life and by that I mean stay out of others people’s business and quit worrying about what offends you. Get over yourself.

  5. Joey says:

    You will never find a quality ecig at a mall or truck stop…. Best way to go is to order online, most places ship fast and you will always have a sold place to return if you need to, plus most online companies have far superior products to those found in malls etc. I have been using different ecigs for 3 years now, I order from for me they have been the best and their shipping is fast, I usually receive my order in 2-3 days. Hope this helps

  6. Mohamed Swyers says:

    I have been using “the safe cig” e-cigarette for about 2 months now and I like it a lot. It has helped me cut back significantly on the number of marlboro lights I smoke a day and it comes in really handy in bars and at work. I think that the classic 18mg flavor tastes the closest to a marlboro light. They have excellent customer support and you can even track the shipments and choose express delivery for like 6 bucks extra. I have created a site that reviews a bunch of the more popular brands and I’d appreciate it if any of you could add your wisdom on these other brands, I want to keep the comments honest so I’m not going to post any fake reviews. Here is the address to my site . Best of luck to everybody!

  7. Eulalia Casaus says:

    electronic cigarettes are amazing! I can’t believe how similar they are to the real thing. I’ve been using “the safe cig” for a couple weeks now and I’ve cut down to about three real cigs a day. The ecig arrived at my house 3 days after I ordered it and the ups tracking worked as well. Check out the site by clicking on my name. Cheers!

  8. can too says:

    You can buy them at Love’s truckstop….I saw some this week for $24.95 a pack….tyvm 🙂

  9. my car charger is well made and very tough. i use it all the time’*’

  10. Samuel Hernandez says:

    i have china made car chargers at home and they work well on my Honda Jazz’:`

  11. handmade says:

    On one hand…, on the other hand…

  12. Bitextua says:

    I don’t think so. I’d say that they’re pretty much only available online, since they are a long-use product.

  13. undrtakr says:

    Yes you can! They sell them in truck stops all across America! Try finding a Flying J truck stop, a Loves, or a TA.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I dont think the FDA would approve you buying them in stores thats why they are sold online for now, maybee that might change in a few years but right now it remains online.

  15. NvrMnd smart1 its over ur head says:

    Before buying from anyone local I suggest visiting there is tons of great information, links to suppliers, as well as lots of coupon codes for discounts. Whatever you do DONT buy from your local Smoking Everywhere kiosk (in lots of malls all over the US.. way over priced for an inferior product) Local stores charge way more than you need to pay. Better to buy them online, or find a supplier in your area (there are e-cig suppliers all over the country)

  16. KylePT says:

    yeah you can pretty much find those things i malls and what not but they are usually not the good quality. i have bought the blu cigs and some others and i really love the blu the best. they are the smallest and the cheapest and they work a lot better than the others. check them out. they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I know I’ve seen some of the cheapos at flea markets – but there’s no warranty, and they’re typically tobacco based, which is a problem.
    Try this kind. I know a lot of smokers who have switched because it’s cheaper and they can smoke it anywhere. Plus, there’s no tobacco – the nicotine comes from veggies instead. It plugs in at night like your cell phone. It puts out water vapor instead of toxic smoke, so you won’t smell like a cigarette. Comes in menthol, robust, cherry, and regular flavor – and high, medium, low, and zero nicotine.

  18. Owen E says:

    Hi! There are a few stores or little places in malls that sell electronic cigarettes but it varies by state. For now the best way is to get an ecig is online. Online also offers the largest variety.
    Some brands have a 30 day money back guarantee to testing out a starter kit can be done without financial commitment.

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