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Obtaining A Healthier Lifestyle with The Smokeless Cigarette

When a smoker is looking into quitting or finding a substitute to their smoking habit only some products offer as many features of advantages as the smokeless cigarette.

The smokeless cigarette is a apparatus which mimics the act of smoking in such great detail which few smokers have any difficulty transitioning from conventional smoking to the smokeless cigarette. A smokeless cigarette is in the form of a conventional cigarette, providing an individual with the touch sensations usually associated with holding a cigarette in their lips or fingers.

The smokeless cigarette features a vapor which is formed upon activation that not just mimics the smoke formed by traditional cigarettes however incorporates several nicotine levels, several tastes and the smoke look found in cigarettes. All of these features can help an individual in the transition to the smokeless cigarette however they pale in contrast to the big picture benefits of utilizing the smokeless cigarette.

While a person makes the decision to move away from the smoking practice they are usually seeking means to create a better life-style. They might be making this decision to improve their own health, protect the fitness of those around them or to simply cut down on the costs related to a smoking practice. Whatever their reasons for pursuing a healthier lifestyle some adjustments could make as great an effect on an individual as quitting the smoking habit. Through the smokeless cigarette you’ll find your greatest tool to help you in abandoning smoking and breaking the habit. The vapor that is produced in the smokeless cigarette does not contain tar, toxins or harmful carcinogens.

The immediate transition from cigarettes to the smokeless cigarette right away improves your health situation from the removal of these injurious elements.Quitting is usually a struggle for most individuals so if your interest is in improving your fit life-style whereas still enjoying the smoking experience then the smokeless cigarette is your solution. All the benefits that have been formerly sited makes the smokers transition simple and permits them to take pleasure in smoking while no longer being exposed to the health damaging elements. Additionally, for many smokers the advantages of the smokeless cigarette do not stop at just the health issue.

Smokeless cigarettes are usually a lower cost substitute for the regular smoker, saving cash even as enjoying a better habit. Even the vapor which you pick to use in your smokeless cigarette comes in many different flavors enabling you to alter you smoking experience to meet your preferences.The smokeless cigarette is a device which has proven to help an individual in getting a healthier life-style and avoid many of the toxins which are found in cigarettes.

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Smokestik – Which To Buy Cartridge or Cartomizer refill

Best Cartomizer Smokestick

Buy Electric Cigarette – SmokeStik, the world’s most publicized brand of electronic cigarette, has just introduced a new Cartomizer Technology. The cartomizer offers a number of benefits over the old atomizer method:

Cartomizers give you significantly more puffs than the atomizer and cartridge method. One Cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 30 cigs or more.
SmokeStik Cartomizers produce more smoke and a more realistic feeling of smoking.
Cartomizers are disposable and eliminate the need for an atomizer, making the SmokeStik easier to use as it’s now only a 2 piece product.
Fantastic and pleasurable taste with all the nicotine bliss you are accustomed to; however, without tar, carbon monoxide, or carcinogens.

We find that most people like the cartomizer system over the older cartridge system…although it is a bit more expensive at the outset..You do get much more smoke and many more “puffs” from the new system.

A cartomizer is a combination of an atomizer and a cartridge. It works in the same manner as atomizers except they are disposable units which are not meant to be refilled (although some users do manage to refill them). We don’t recommend refilling them because the heating element is disposable and long term use may result in burning of the wick. A cartomizer offers several advantages over an atomizer: First of all, a cartomizer is easier to use (you just simply screw the cartomizer onto the battery and your SmokeStik is ready for use). Secondly, cartomizers last longer than prefilled cartridges in terms of puff count. You also get a lot more vapor and do not need to inhale as strongly.

“Electronic Cigarette Review” FDA Threats to 5 E Cigarette Companies Criticized by Blogosphere Expert

Electronic Cigarette Review

FDA Threats to 5 E Cigarette Companies Criticized by Blogosphere Expert

E Cigs Deliver Nicotine in a Vapor

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 13, 2010

An electronic cigarette expert in the blogosphere reacted critically to FDA warning letters sent to 5 electronic cigarette vendors Sept. 8th 2010 for violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigarettes or simply e cigs, are battery operated devices that can resemble real cigarettes and vaporize a flavored liquid nicotine solution that gets inhaled into a smoker’s lungs as a mist.

The FDA says that the products sold by the e cigarette companies receiving warnings are labeled and promoted as smoking cessation aids which makes them drugs or drug delivery devices in the eyes of the FDA. Drugs and drug delivery devices are subject to FDCA compliance which requires FDA approval.

An e cigarette expert that started The Electronic Cigarette Review ( 2 years ago and goes by the alias “Sparky” published a detailed analysis of the FDA’s actions. His analysis begins by criticizing the FDA’s choice to warn only 5 e cigarette companies with possible legal action claiming there are other large e cigarette distributors with similar product labeling and marketing left alone to conduct business as usual.

The companies receiving warning letters are: Ruyan America Inc., E-CigaretteDirect LLC, Gamucci America, E-Cig Technology Inc. and Johnson Creek Enterprises LLC. The FDA also sent a non-threatening letter to the Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) to inform the association of the FDA’s intention to begin regulation of electronic cigarettes.

Michael Levy works for the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) and delivered a media briefing Thursday regarding the warning letters answering questions from the media at the end.

When asked by the media at the briefing if other e cigarette companies could expect similar warnings Levy replied that the FDA will examine each company and their products on a case by case basis. He clarified by saying, “This action only concerns the 5 companies that got warning letters,” and later went on to say, “We have not made a decision to remove all e-cigarettes from the market.”

When asked to comment on the FDA’s actions Sparky said he is, “optimistic,” though he doesn’t believe that any of the companies receiving warning letters will submit new drug applications (NDA) for their products as suggested by the FDA. He believes they will instead opt to change their labeling and marketing so their e cigs will be classified as tobacco products instead of drugs avoiding FDCA compliance altogether.

Sparky went on to say that he thinks an FDA approved e cig is unlikely in the near future and cautioned people relying on FDA approval saying:

“People need to think for themselves and make good choices. The FDA’s idea of effective is just better than placebo. And, what’s even worse is their idea of safe in some cases. The FDA approves drugs like Viox that ultimately lead to 20,000 fatal heart attacks according to their own data. Also, the FDA approved Chantix for smoking cessation. Since then it (Chantix) has been shown to cause suicidal tendencies. The FDA updated the label acknowledging the problem, but the drug remains approved.”

The e cigarette vendors receiving warning letters have 15 days to respond to the FDA in writing with steps they have taken or will take to correct the violations.

The audio from the FDA’s media briefing and Sparky’s detailed analysis of the FDA’s actions can be accessed at The Electronic Cigarette Review.


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Prof Slams FDA’s E-Cigarette Hysteria

Many anti-smoking advocates hate the e-cigarette. Earlier this summer, they were apparently successful in lobbying the FDA to release a statement warning the public about the supposed dangers of the e-cigarette.

That warning was based on a very preliminary study by the FDA, which analyzed two popular brands of e-cigarettes. According to the FDA, e-cigarettes are dangerous because some of the samples tested were supposedly found to have contained some carcinogens. Despite the FDA’s warning, many smokers are still opting for the e-cigarette over real cigarettes. Apparently, cigarette smokers are not as stupid as the FDA thinks. Most smokers know that the e-cigarette is a better option than smoking real cigarettes, even if they can not explain the precise scientific reasons why. Backing up what smokers already know, University of Alberta Professor Carl Phillips has taken the FDA to task in a recent interview with E-Cigarette Direct.

Labeling the FDA study as “pure propaganda”, Professor Phillips made clear that the e-cigarette is a safer alternative, given all the known dangers of smoking real cigarettes. He also pointed out that many of the so called carcinogens that were found in the FDA study are in fact in many of the foods that people regularly eat, like peanut butter. Professor Phillips also pointed out that the chemicals found by the FDA were at very low concentrations, making any conclusions about them scientifically meaningless. In addition, Professor Phillips pointed out that, while nicotine is not completely safe, it is not the main culprit behind the many negative health effects that smoking causes. Liquid nicotine is the primary component in the e-cigarette.

Professor did, however, express some concerns about the e-cigarette. According to him, the biggest issue relating to the e-cigarette is certain quality control problems. Good quality control is important because it maximizes the safety of the e-cigarette. To deal with some of the quality control problems, Professor Phillips believes that some regulation is appropriate.

For the full interview, click here.

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Ron J. Myers is an avid writer. His favorite topics are fitness and health. More of his work can be found here.

Quit Smoking When Pregnant Get The Information You Need About Smoking When Pregnant

If you count down the most hazardous things that expectant women can do to their babies, smoking is going to be right at the very top of the checklist. The good thing is you can quit smoking when pregnant, however you have to realize why and what is the best way to do it.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding giving up smoking during pregnancy. Hopefully you will discover the knowledge you’ll need within that will help you recognize the requirement to quit smoking now and how to begin doing it.

Why should I quit smoking when pregnant?

Cigarette smoking poses many hazards to your baby both before and after it is born. Using tobacco while you’re still expecting a baby results in both pre-term birth and reduced birth weight. Each of these situations are really dangerous for your child. Additionally, it may result in placental abruption, a condition where the placenta pulls clear of the uterus necessitating an immediate delivery.After birth cigarettes goes on to harm your baby. Toddlers subjected to cigarette smoke are afflicted by a greater risk for respiratory infections and in some cases Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Is it ok to give up smoking when pregnant?

The good thing is that it is safe to stop smoking cigarettes while pregnant. Research has proven that the earlier in their pregnancy expecting mothers give up smoking decreases the likelihood of their babies struggling with the above conditions. Yet women that are pregnant must make sure they’ll use the appropriate strategy to stop smoking. They need to use something that is all natural, it needs to have a superior rate of success, plus it should work quickly considering that time is critical.

Exactly what methods should I steer clear of to quit smoking?

Essentially you want to avoid smoking cessation methods that count on chemicals that may harm your baby. Some stop smoking medications tend to be more dangerous than cigarette smoking itself. Pregnant ladies need to stay away from these types of smoking cessation medications entirely. In addition they should avoid nicotine replacement solutions (NRTs) like the patch. NRTs function by providing nicotine into the system to replace the nicotine coming from cigarettes. Expecting mothers need to steer clear of nicotine so NRTs are not a good option.

What the heck is the best way to quit smoking during pregnancy?

The best method that meets all of the conditions in the list above is hypnotherapy. It is all natural, has a very good success rate, and functions very quickly. A distinct type of hypnotherapy, called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is really effective. NLP has shown to be an incredibly effective type of hypnotherapy with a high recovery rate. It works including classic hypnotherapy because it gets rid of the cravings to smoke from the subconscious. Nevertheless unlike conventional hypnotherapy you do not have to see a professional hypnotherapist. NLP tracks are available to enable you to quit smoking when pregnant simply by listening to a specifically prepared audio recording. NLP is simply the best way to quit smoking during pregnancy.

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Electronic Cigarettes – Are they Really Better than Traditional Cigarettes?

Have you ever heard of Electronic Cigarettes?I my opinion, electronic cigarettes are the biggest invention in the history of smoking tobacco – while not consuming nicotine is alway´s better than doing it, electronic cigarettes are offering a much healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes for all not able to quit smoking.

I know how hard it is to quit smoking cigarettes – I tried it several times without any success until I utilized electronic cigarettes!

Why are they better than traditional cigarettes?Now, there are a couple of reasons making electronic cigarettes to a healthier method to inhale nicotine. Electronic Cigarettes do not burn any tobacco, instead they vaporize a water, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavor mixture.In this vaporized mixture are none of the cancer causing agents you find in the smoke of traditional cigarettes. There are no tar or Carbon mono oxide.There is still nicotine, so there is still the danger of addiction and all the bad sideeffects of nicotine.Many Electronic Cigarette Companies offer a lot of different nicotine levels, reaching from 18 mg (real strong cigarettes without filter) down to 0 mg nicotine (No nicotine, only flavor).

Other benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes?

1. In most cases you will save a serious amount of money, depending on the price of the traditional cigarettes in your country!

2. All the anti smoking laws and restrictions are not valid for electronic cigarettes – You Don´t Smoke – You Vaporize!This opens the possibility to slowly cure your nicotine addiction by decreasing your choosen nicotine level until you only inhale flavor without any nicotine!

Ready to Look for your First Electronic Cigarette?

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Fire Safe Cigarettes and Your Health (Part 1)

If you’re a smoker, you may have noticed that your cigarettes have started going out every couple of minutes and need to be relit.  You also may have noticed that your cigarettes now taste like copper.  These things are annoying to smokers, but the more serious side effects of fire safe cigarettes should really be what we’re concerned about.

Every state in the US has now passed legislation making it mandatory for cigarettes to contain bands of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).  This makes cigarettes less of a fire hazard because if you’re not actively, and reportedly forcefully, inhaling the smoke as the fire reaches one of these bands, the cigarette will put itself out.  These cigarettes are called reduced ignition propensity (RIP) cigarettes, fire safety cigarettes, or fire safe cigarettes.

This legislation is expected to save anywhere from 700 to 1,000 lives a year.  Well, considering that cigarettes are already a tremendous risk to your health and a significant portion of deaths caused by cigarette fires each year are children, this legislation may not be such a bad thing.  However, if you are a smoker, then you should be aware of the additional health risks that are now added to the long laundry list of already established smoking health hazards.

When you research fire safe cigarettes, you may notice that a lot of smokers are complaining of increased sickness.  Many have suddenly developed asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Smokers also complain of nausea, vomiting, and dizziness that they associate with smoking fire safe cigarettes.  However, cigarette sales have not changed at all since all of this started.  That tells us that everyone is complaining about their health and blaming it on these cigarettes, but no one is going to give it up.  We’d rather suffer and complain than face this terrible addiction.

The Harvard School of Public Health and the American Legacy Foundation did their research and found that non-fire safe cigarettes had the same toxic compounds as fire safe cigarettes.  So, why are so many people suddenly getting sick?  The main reason that people are suddenly noticing that cigarettes are making them sick is that when they smoke fire safe cigarettes, they have to deeply and forcefully inhale to keep the cigarette lit.  This does more immediate damage to the lungs and puts you at a much higher risk for lung diseases.

There is no such thing as a “safe” cigarette.  All natural cigarettes, cigars that you just puff, menthols, lights, and herbal cigarettes all have the same health risks.  Electronic cigarettes have actually been found to be 1,400 times safer than conventional cigarettes.  Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to quit, because you are mentally and physically dependant on nicotine and the thousands of other chemicals that you put into your body every day.

People are addicted.  There’s no question about it.  The only way to fight this addiction is to get these chemicals out of our bodies, change our habits, and start actually fighting back against the tobacco companies that offer these harmful products to the public.

In “Part 2” of this article series, we will discuss how to detoxify your body, get rid of the chemicals and nicotine, and start to repair your health.  Vitamin C supplements, like vitamin C powder, can help you to reclaim your health.  A lot of vitamins and supplements can help you to repair your cells, fight the side effects of addiction withdrawal, and lower the stress of quitting.

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Nicotine Patches to Gum to Smokeless Cigarette Comparisons

Now more than ever the smoking public has became more conscious in the hazards of using tobacco, a great deal of smokers have tried quitting the tobacco habit but more easily said than done.  Within the last few years, businesses are actually innovating and manufacturing using tobbacco cessation products.  Compare from patches to gum, nicotine addicts have applied them to stop their habit.

Nonetheless, Gum is gum and a patch is just a patch.  What helps you really quit smoking is a device which simulates everything a traditional cigarette offers to the smoker.  Holding something in your fingers, inhaling nicotine and vaporless smoke, exhaling vapor smoke, and finally having that feeling of oral satisfaction. Smokeless cigarettes benefits can appear in economic and healthiness terms.  They develop a monetary benefit due to the fact that the cartomizer used in them represents an equivalent feeling of conventional cigarettes.

As you get accustomed to utilizing the smokeless cigarette, you will be able to gradually reduce the nicotine levels so that you could eventually quit smoking.  Compare today’s modern nicotine gums and nicotine patches and you will eventually agree that today’s smokeless cigarette products release no carcinogens and contribute to a healthy atmosphere. In addition, smokeless cigarettes also come in different flavors and consists of various levels of nicotine.

It is possible to never get pleasure from any compared nicotine gum or patch becasue you don’t get the oral satisfaction the smokeless cigarette provides.  

Compare the following suggestions to start kicking the smoking habit: 

  • The smokeless cigarette emulates vaporless smoke
  • A set of 5 smokeless cigarette nicotine cartomizers such as our best USA brand Smokestik, is approx. $15 and it is equivalent to 150 cigarettes.
  • As smokeless cigarettes turn into being the norm, more and more they will be accepted and utilized to smoke in bars and as an alternative to the cigarette smoking ban.
  • Try to educate yourself about how the electric cigarette works. That then can serve you as your basis to assessing the quality of your alternatives and compare choices.
  • The electric cigarette has many different brands, don’t get fooled by imitations and chinese brands that are just gimmicks.  Generally what you pay is what you get.  The best brands will satisfy you the most. 
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the cost to invest in them and your health.
  • You should look for other alternatives and efficiently create a comparison of them.   Particularly, evaluate their attributes and price ranges. Go through product reviews and others opinions and experiences having a particular smokeless cigarette.
  • You will find great information on this site to help you make and informed decision.  

Our site provides unbiased reviews and ratings about smokeless cigarettes.  Poke around and you will quickly notice different angles in seeing the smokeless cigarette that you might be considering.  With all the increase in quantity of smokeless cigarette manufacturers, it is crucial to know the way to wisely choose the one that you will invest in.

Is The Electric Cigarette Harmful or Not?

Smoking for the Town Hall

Image by Much Ramblings

Every since the debute of the brand new electronic cigarette, smokers currently have wondered if it is healthy or not.Present smokers in our 21st century combined with tobacco industry have longed searched for an additional alternative to smoking cigarettes.

At this time people who smoke understand that there’s absolutely no smoking safeguard whenever lighting up a each and every type of conventional cigarettes. There seem to be several quest for people to quit smoking at every single degree. So are electronic cigarettes a different unsuccessful safe substitute for lighting up? When it comes to those who are not aware of or maybe new to using tobacco, using typical tobacco products now have proved to become the key trigger for generating cancer of the lung, strokes, along with other vascular disorders. At some point, lots of people weren’t conscious of the dangers of tobacco use and also tobacco companies spent an incredible number of dollars continuing to keep individuals uneducated regarding the dangers of cigarette smoking but ultimately their efforts failed.Some companies marketed different kinds of cigarettes including light, lower tar, and filtered cigarettes while using the insinuation that these cigarettes were much more healthier than the regular type and in fact none of those cigarettes turned out to become less healthier or had any significant smaller health risk.

The marketing continued as well as the medical hazard of standard,mild or any other tar residue based cigarettes stays a serious health threat.Another substitute advertised just as much less of a health risk is Asian organic cigarettes – advertised mainly within Asia where smoking is on an upswing. Nonetheless, there is a lot of evidence that is missing regarding lowered risk in comparison to tobacco. The sad point is the fact that people who smoke may be simply extending the outcome of smoking tar based products which explains the terrible health outcomes. All of those products boost worries that they’ll keep people using tobacco beneath the false anticipation that they’re at less danger of unfavorable health outcomes. The perfect final result for public safety would be to lower the number of individuals that use cigarettes at all.

The most recent participant in this particular game involving “risk-free smoking” may be the e-cigarette. This can be described as battery powered cigarette-shaped tube that delivers a nicotine vapor whenever inhaled. The reason that the e cig is healthier in comparison to tar dependent cigarettes is because it provides off a nicotine vapor which has no cancer causing agents like tobacco smoke.Electric powered cigarettes does not have any unwanted proof associated with any kind of threat revealed throughout the professional medical community. Actually,there has not been enough existing analysis performed to disprove its safety.Many states are requiring that more analysis be carried out to make certain the health and safety of smoking these smokless cigarettes. The good part is that this particular kind of nicotine delivery system does not possess the over four thousand identified carcinogens associated with smoking standard tar based cigarettes.

There are actually information that the nicotine watery vapor may have a few cancer causing agents in a very really tiny volume. Nevertheless, this has not been recently confirmed throughout the health care community at this point.Because there isn’t a lot research carried out about the safety of electronic cigarettes several nations around the world have taken different techniques in regards towards the dilemma. Some people really feel that e-cigarettes are most likely risk-free than smoking cigarettes tobacco, and consequently should not be disheartened as an option smoking choice. Other people simply choose to warn the general public the fact that facts are not in, therefore buyers of e cigs should exercise caution.

The community outcry is for non smokers to obtain the the very least exposure towards the carcinogens in normal cigarettes and eliminate as many smokers as possible. Nevertheless, the electronic cigarette will certainly let people to carry on to smoke with safety and security that there is no carcinogens found..Scientific proof is lacking at this stage as towards the safety of the electronic cigarette. However, at the very least this method can assist the carbon monoxide smoke that non smokers have been faced with more than the tar based smokers. So far, this alternative process of smoking may just be the greatest and healthiest method apart from quitting altogether. What do you think?For a complete Electronic Cigarette Review, make sure you get all of the facts before you purchase.

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“Electronic Cigarettes” Vaporized Propylene Glycol, a Key Ingredient in Electronic Cigarettes, May Prevent Pneumonia, Influenza, and Other Respiratory Diseases

Electronic Cigarettes

A Smoker Enjoying an Electronic Cigarette

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) November 2, 2009

The ingredients in most electronic cigarette cartridges manufactured today include propylene glycol, nicotine, and a flavoring. The 1942 study by Dr. Oswald Hope Robertson of the University of Chicago’s Billings Hospital showed that Propylene glycol, the most prevalent ingredient in electronic cigarette cartridges, was found to possibly prevent pneumonia, influenza, and other respiratory diseases when vaporized and inhaled.

Additional studies in monkeys and other animals were undertaken to determine long-term effects, especially the potential for accumulation in the lungs. After a few months of treatment, no ill effects were discovered.

Now the electronic cigarette may not only help individuals to reduce and quit smoking regular cigarettes, but it also may help to prevent some of the respiratory diseases caused by the harmful “cancer sticks”. Additionally with the pandemic H1N1 influenza virus expected to cause a record number of deaths this season there is no better time for smokers to cut back or quit with the aid of the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new tool in the battle against cigarette smoking. A smoker can enjoy all the engrained habits of smoking; hand-to-mouth, throat hit, visual smoke, nicotine delivery, etc… with none of the negative effects of inhaling the dangerous smoke and 4000+ toxic chemicals created by smoking regular cigarettes.

While using electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation device/method has not yet been evaluated by the FDA, several quit smoking non-profit organizations, like Action on Smoking and Health UK (ASH) an international antismoking & nonsmokers’ rights organization have all but endorsed electronic cigarettes as a healthy and viable alternative to smoking.

To find the right electronic cigarette for you or a loved one visit the electronic cigarette review site.

About provides unbiased electronic cigarette reviews, including images, video and articles, on major manufacturers electronic cigarettes. Also provided are a quit smoking savings calculator and quit meter images showing the number of days a user has been cigarette free all free of charge. Visit today to find the right electronic cigarette for you.


Addiction The Dirty Little Secret About Electronic Cigarettes and Propylene Glycol

Warnings issued by big tobacco and big pharma about the dangers of propylene glycol are not grounded in scientific reality or backed by scientific research. After a study in mice at the University of Chicago\’s Billings Hospital in 1942, it was thought that propylene glycol when inhaled might cause such diseases as pneumonia and other illnesses affecting the respiratory system. To determine long term effects followup studies on money and other animals were conducted. This larger study produced results that showed no ill effects from propylene glycol in the lungs.

Shouting \”danger\”, the FDA and tobacco companies point to an ingredient that has proven safe through many years of use. The misinformation about propylene glycol ignores one very important fact. We know e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco products when inhaled. We know smoking almost anything is safer than smoking tobacco.

In e-cigarettes propylene glycol is used to dilute the nicotine and provide a solution that can be vaporized and deliver nicotine to the e-smoker. PG is a commonly used food additive and is the substance used in fog machines. It also appears on the label of ingredients of many of the food products we routinely buy.

It is interesting that the many cautions about propylene glycol found online are not found on scientific or medical sites or referenced as articles in scientific journals. The dire warnings are on conspiracy blogs, natural healing sites and on the sites of anti-smoking groups. Several entries claim that propylene glycol is antifreeze. No. Not true. That would be ethylene glycol.

A fantastic amount of information can be found online but it\’s important to know who you are listening when accepting information as fact. Baby wipes contain PG and it\’s difficult to imagine the FDA making claims that a product freely allowed for use on infants is now unsafe for adults. The PG delivered to the user by the best electronic cigarettes is minimal. Some e-liquid suppliers use glycerol as a base for their nicotine solution rather than propylene glycol.

Consumers are smart to closely examine ingredients in the products they eat or inhale. We have all become more educated about food additives that may cause problems even as they add healthy color. We know to check for a variety of terms when looking for low sugar product as sucrose, fructose and various \”syrups\” are alternate names for sugar.

The saccharin scare thirty years ago is a valuable example of the folly of acting on incomplete information and drawing incorrect conclusions. The FDA banned saccharine which was a very popular sweetener used as an additive in many packaged foods and. The FDA stated saccharin had caused cancer in mice and panic ensued. Companies lost a lot of money in changing the ingredients in their products and the public tossed out boxes of Sweet and Low which was a popular saccharin product.

What the FDA didn\’t tell the public was that the research did not apply to people. The mice had been given huge doses of saccharin daily. Adjusting the amount to that needed for a person to develop cancer would require the person to consume at least 400 cans of diet cola every day for months. Today, saccharin is once again fully available for sale to the public.

The delivery of vapor for e-cig users relies on the use of propylene glycol. The tobacco companies continue to spread false information about PG even though there is no scientific data to prove their claims

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Reviews by NewTech News on Products to Quit Smoking

Have you researched products to quit smoking?  On NewTech News we are discussing the popularity they are gaining.  Which brings up the questions like which one is really going to help me?  Which is the best brand?  Which is the cheapest?  Why is this one more expensive that the rest?  Do they pose any health risks from the chemicals used in them?As we were writing about products to quit smoking at NewTech News, we did our best to answer some questions.  First, where do you find these e-cigarettes?  The best place is right in front of you.  I have yet to see them in grocery or convenience stores.  The only place I have seen them for sale is the tobacco shop where I use to buy my other cigarettes and the price was twice as much.  What most of the products to quit smoking do not cover was how they are put together.  Which pointed out why some were more expensive.  The one that cost the most is the brand I finally decided to go with and will stay with.  I guess it is like anything else out there.  If you want to experience the ultimate luxury in driving you buy a Cadillac or a Jaguar.  The same holds true here in choosing which e-cigarette to go with.So with all the products to quit smoking that are out there, the biggest difference among them was the price for their starter kit.  Which is really the only thing that cost the most.  Getting started.  They basically offer the same thing which includes a couple of rechargeable batteries, some cartridges to get started and the tools you will need to recharge the batteries.  The only thing you will have to purchase after that are new cartridges.Are products to quit smoking safe to use?  I would say yes for two reasons.  You don’t have to ignite them with a flame and therefore they do not pose any fire hazard.  While the only products to quit smoking that had reviews claiming they were bad for your health have been written by the FDA.  Which is not the most reliable source for information in my opinion.  From their reviews on products to quit smokingthe only thing they could claim was bad for you is the nicotine they contain.The liquid in the cartridges consists of four elements.  Nicotine, water, propylene glycol and some flavoring.  While the FDA has written reviews on these products to quit smoking blowing whistles and raising red flags claiming they are dangerous and contain cancer causing chemicals.  I have not read any studies on the four ingredients showing any facts that they cause cancer.  I have no knowledge that water, nicotine or flavoring in anything that causes cancer which is another thing the FDA failed to mention in their reviews on electronic cigarettes.One of the reviews on products to quit smoking mentioned that propylene glycol was a cancer causing ingredient.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   It is a colorless, nearly odorless, syrupy liquid.  Which is used in all kinds of foods.  Like yogurt, fat free ice creams, popcorn, food coloring, salad dressings and is also in cake mixes.  So the products to quit smoking in e-cigarettes are harmless.  Go read the labels and you will see the ingredient listed.  So if this is a carcinogenic ingredient like they have claimed in some of their reviews on products to quit smoking, then why has it been approved for these foods that many people most likely have in their home?I will tell you why they do not like this new brand of products to quit smoking.  It is because most of the members on the board of the FDA are highly invested in the tobacco industry.  While they know any information handed out by a phony department like the FDA will scare the crap out of people.  So they put false information in their reviews on products to quit smoking to scare the public and continue filling their bank account with the money they make off tobacco.Let’s not forget the other reason that applies to this scare tactic.  Indirect taxes that are imposed on products like tobacco cannot be collected on e-cigarettes.  Which is another thing they conveniently forgot to mention in their reviews on products to quit smoking.  Which can total up to as much as two dollars for every five dollar pack of tobacco cigarettes that you purchase.So do not be fooled.  The reviews on products to quit smoking that the FDA has written are false and they are completely safe to use.  The truth that these same reviews on electronic cigarettes fail to inform you of are the four thousand ingredients in tobacco cigarettes that are harmful to your health and will cause cancer.  So let’s go have a look at the best one I have found on the market.  I think e-cigarettes are one of the products to quit smoking that are safe and can really help you kick the habit.  I am going to show you why.

The truth is, that if you are a smoker, switching to electronic cigarettes will be one of the best choices you make in your life.  The lies being spread about them are posted by many who want you to keep smoking tobacco.  One thing most of the reviews on electronic cigarettes did not explain is how they are put together and work.  I am going to take you to a page that gives you a review on that very subject.  It is quite interesting to say the least.  So let’s go there now.

Products to Quit Smoking and Scare Tactics of the FDA

With all the products to quit smoking that are out there on the market, nothing beats an e-cigarette.  So why should you try electronic cigarettes?  According to reviews by the FDA you are putting your health at risk if you choose to try them.  So let me get this straight, the FDA is promoting the smoking of tobacco cigarettes again?  E-cigarettes have 4 ingredients unlike the 4,000 ingredients in tobacco cigarettes.The point is that the products to quit smoking that are available on the market today all have big money behind them.  The nicotine patches and gum are all made by and endorsed on television by BIG corporations.  So it is clear why they want you to try one of their products to quit smoking before any other.  That is more money in their pocket.  The e-cigarette does not fill up their piggy bank like all the other products to quit smoking do.According to reviews by the FDA.  An acronym for the Food and Drug Administration.  Is this a department the people can put their trust in?  After listening to all the side effects mentioned on any television commercial about a new pharmaceutical drug that is on the market, I would say “NO.”  You are going to profess to know and tell me which products to quit smoking are safe and which ones are not?  I would say you are not looking out for my best interest when you give the okay on the others.  Stating, “Can cause dizziness, dry mouth, DNA damage and some instances can cause death.”Putting two and two together it is obvious that you are an authority that is not to be trusted.  Saying this pharmaceutical drug that might kill you is okay but these products to quit smoking are dangerous.  I have also scene articles stating that e-cigarettes can cause cancer.  How is that?  Is it the nicotine that causes cancer?  If that is true then all the products to quit smoking that you have given the okay to and are endorsed on television are just as dangerous.The fact is that nicotine does not cause cancer.  Out of all of the products to quit smoking that are out there it is the e-cigarette that contains the fewest ingredients.  There is a total of four ingredients in e-cigarettes.  What the e-cigarette helps an individual with is kicking the habit of smoking.  Unlike nicotine gum or patches that the FDA has passed.

The truth is, that if you are a smoker, switching to electronic cigarettes will be one of the best choices you make in your life.  The lies being spread about them are posted by many who want you to keep smoking tobacco.  One thing most of the reviews on electronic cigarettes did not explain is how they are put together and work.  I am going to take you to a page that gives you a review on that very subject.  It is quite interesting to say the least.  So let’s go there now.

Electronic Cigarettes are creating news today and are becoming a big hit as well

When you have one glimpse of the electronic cigarette packet you will know that how attractive and wonderful it is. It does work wonders when it comes to packaging and the electronic cigarette reviews are working wonders as well as after reading them many are trying to use them up.Just by going through an electronic cigarette review you can understand all the mechanisms and other factors that work with it.

It does not allow you to inhale and take in all those harmful substances as it does when you are smoking an ordinary cigarette and in that instance itself an electric cigarette can stand out best amongst others. If you can stay healthy by smoking what else do you need as that will be the best option for your health and well being? Electric cigarette have a chamber kind of mechanism attached to it that makes the liquid nicotine go up in the air just like a puff of steam and you just do not need to take it down your system. After reading a certain number of electronic cigarette reviews or even electric cigarette reviews you will realise that these reviews are released online only for your information so that you get the most of it before you can recommend an electric cigarette to your friend as well.

There are many sites over the internet where you can find extremely lowered rates on the internet and you can purchase them for very less as well. It is a boon to get them on sale as they are perfect for your health and you will not even be paying much for an electric cigarette. If you read the electronic cigarette reviews well I am sure you will find good sites where you can get them for lesser rates as well.

One look at the instrument and you will feel that you are looking at a player or an attractive piece of instrument as that high is the level of packaging of an electric cigarette. Even to gift a friend who has been a chain smoker all their lives this can be the best gift ever. An electronic cigarette as his birthday present will not only make him happy but also see makes him realise that it is high time he takes care of his health.Rather than the very harmful toxic smoke in an electronic cigarette you actually take in liquid nicotine in your system which makes it a beautiful experience. It is very advisable that you read a few electronic cigarette reviews online which will make you then know the difference between a normal cigarette and an electric cigarette as well.

When you check in taste they do have a very different taste as compared to the normal cigarette but then their benefits are extravagant. The health benefits that an electronic cigarette has to offer can never be offered by the normal one and so in the case of an electric cigarette taste does take a back seat and is not at all very essential as long as you experience the feeling of having a smoke.

Robert Malcolm has been very interested in an electronic cigarette and all those electronic cigarette reviews and electric cigarette reviews he believes have been given out for the good so that we can ourselves decide what is good and what is bad for us. He even vouches for the electric cigarette as well.

The Electronic Cigarette Gains Approval In Many Hospitals As Debate Continues

COLLEYVILLE, Texas, March 2 /PRNewswire/ — As special interest groups and politicians continue to make weak claims against the electric cigarette, another hospital in Tampa, Florida made the decision last week to allow the use of electronic cigarettes within their facility. Smoking is a recreational privilege that while banned in most public places, can be done with the alternative E-cigarette without offending others. This new invention allows the smoker to get their nicotine fix just like the coffee or soda drinkers get their caffeine fix. The benefits to management comes in the form of increased productivity in the workplace since the employees do not have to waste time traveling to designated smoking places; they no longer smell like a smoker and their employees health is not adversely affected by tobacco smoke. This translates into a big plus for the company bottom line in rough economic times.

Last July, the FDA issued a warning regarding the electric cigarette and it appears the public and medical industry just aren’t buying the story at a time when the public distrusts the government more than at any other time in history. On the heels of that announcement, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) in the United Kingdom released a favorable position on E-cigarettes stating; “E-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, are likely to be a safer alternative to smoking. In addition, E-cigarettes reduce secondhand smoke exposure since they do not produce smoke.”

Prominent doctors and tobacco researchers, including Dr. Michael Siegel at the Boston University School of Public Health, Dr. Joel Nitzkin of the AAPHP Tobacco Control Task Force, and Dr. Brad Rodu, Endowed Chair, Tobacco Harm Reduction Research University of Louisville continue to publish the scientific benefits of the e-cigarettes that counter the misleading information regarding their safety.

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that one-fifth of Americans — about 46 million — are still smoking. That number actually increased slightly from 2007 to 2008. The report appears in the Nov. 13 edition of the CDC’s Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report. Currently it is estimated that 1 in 40 smokers are now using the e-cigarette as an alternative and the trend is growing at a phenomenal speed.

The real opposition to E-cigarettes may be due to political fears from the loss of a portion of billions of dollars in tax revenue that tobacco cigarettes generate which can’t be justified against the E-cigarette. Tobacco cigarettes are heavily taxed under the guise of reimbursing the medical expense of treating smokers. As little as 3% of the money is actually used for that purpose while the rest is spent on projects considered to be more vital. Since E-cigarettes have not been proven to cause the type of health issues created by tobacco, they can only be taxed like any other consumer product.

Martin Wyatt | | The Electronic Cigarette Company

“Electronic Cigarettes” Electronic Cigarettes Prove to be a Great Conversation Starter

Electronic Cigarettes

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2010

It’s the long dispelled myth that every teenager hears at least once; ‘Smoking is cool’. While electronic cigarette brands would never claim to be ‘cool’ a recent test carried out by the independent electronic cigarette review website has shown that ‘smoking’ an e-cigarette can make it easier to meet members of the opposite sex.

The research was carried out by Paul Alb, spokesperson for Electronic Cigarette Advisor, who says that although the tests were carried out “purely for fun” and that “the results really don’t carry any scientific merit at all” they certainly make for interesting reading.

Alb ran the experiment using five colleagues as guinea pigs, each was sent to sit in five different bars around New York, firstly without the electronic cigarette and secondly whilst ‘smoking’ an e cigarette.

The results were startling, without the electronic cigarette the five ‘guinea pigs’ only got approached once in their 25 scenarios. With the electronic cigarette in hand the same group, in the same scenarios were approached 15 times.

“I guess you could say that the electronic cigarette made it 1500% more likely to get chatting to people!” said Alb, he added that he was not surprised by the result as there’s a huge amount of curiosity surrounding the product, especially when ‘smoked’ in a bar. “From personal experience I can tell you that people can’t believe their eyes when they see you ‘smoking’ an e cigarette in a bar, the interest and questions you get are incredible”.

Alb says the experiment was performed to increase awareness of a product that he believes could help millions of people quit traditional smoking. “I’m a huge fan of electronic cigarettes” said Alb, “from personal experience I know that they helped me quit smoking after 20 years – believe me if they helped me they can help others too.”

Alb set up the website Electronic Cigarette Advisor as a resource for people interested in electronic cigarettes to find out the impartial information they need to know before selecting one of the reputable brands featured on the website. “I wouldn’t want people taking up E Smoking having never smoked before,” says Alb, “but if it helps people give up traditional smoking, I’ll be delighted”

Information about Electronic Cigarette Advisor

Electronic Cigarette Advisor ( ) was launched in 2009 as a guide to Electronic cigarettes, the site features news, information and product reviews of brands like blu and Elusion Electronic Cigarettes. For more information contact Paul Alb at: electroniccigaretteadvisor(at)gmail(dot)com

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Which Smokeless Cigarettes Produce A Lot Of Vapor

smokeless cigaretteImage by State Library and Archives of Florida

I get emails on this question quite often, so I will address it in this post. “Why is my blu cig not producing a lot of vapor?” Actually, you can substitute Blu Cig with a multitude of other brands as well.  GSmoke (now discontinued), nJoy, Premium Electronic Cigarette, Safe Cig, and especially Bar Brands are marketed extremely well however, the facts don’t lie.  They are mostly sold for profit and typically do not last long because of improper quality control and battery life.  Almost all of these brands are made in China.

The reason many people who have bought these now or in the past and are now complaining about low vapor is because of the following:

In a quality Electronic Cigarette (like Green Smoke and Smokestik) there is a battery-powered device that vaporizes nicotine and provides safe inhaled doses. The vapor that the product emits has no smell and causes no harm to the smoker or those around them.  However, to buyers not aware, there are a couple features which need attention when purchasing these e-cigs.

One is the size of the hole opening in the tip of an electronic cigarette.  Many of the brands we have tried have smaller inlet holes in the tip which require you to suck harder if you are a heavy smoker in order to get the inhale satisfaction of a traditional cigarette.  Most manufacturers have designed this in to allow longer battery life.  In our try-outs, we think this takes away from the inhale experience.  Keep in mind an e-cigarette consists of two main components; the battery and the cartridge or cartomizer.

The Battery and hole tip size are the key to satisfy your smokeless cigarette cravings:

To get the best experience from an Electronic Cigarette – research ones which are made in the USA for quality standards (you don’t want refills which have 15 cig capacity in one package and 30 cigs in another).  Get a strong high-density lithium-ion based battery to power the heating element (atomizer).   The best e-cigarette brands will last you up to 5 days or more depending on your use.  When you inhale through the device, air flow is detected by a sensor, which activates the atomizer and vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece.  When you combine a larger opening at the tip and a strong battery – you will get the inhale sensation you are accustomed to and a lot of vapor during your exhale.

Healthy Vapor – Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes?

Healthy Vapor?  Is there such a thing?

Theres a recently new device that gives you the pleasure of smoking, with out a risk of lung cancer.   How much is it and is it legal for you to purchase?  Lets just say a revolutionary product was invented in 2008 that will take this world by storm.  There are millions upon millions of smokers around the world that could benefit from this device which emits a healthy vapor of smoke.

The device is called a vapor cigarette or most commonly called a smokeless electronic cigarette.  This cigarette uses a battery as the body of the cigarette and a cartomizer as the inhale piece which you can inhale just like a normal cigarette.  Once you inhale the legal vapor cigarette, you immediately feel  satisfied because you can feel the vapor going through your lungs and then being exhaled.  The sensation and satisfaction feel the same as a traditional cigarette.  When you exhale a legal premium brand (like Smokestik) the volume of vapor is so much that you can actually blow vapor smoke rings.   Keep in mind not all smokeless vapor cigarettes produce this much vapor.  The legal Electronic Cigarettes are very affordable but again you get what you pay for, especially the store and bar brands.  Visit to get the latest comparisons on vapor cigarettes.

Where Do I Buy An Electric Cigarette

If you want to waste your time and money go to the local bars and stores they will take your money and you end up with false hopes of quitting smoking.  The electronic cigarette was designed and developed back in late 2007.  Today there are numerous brands out on the market which almost makes it impossible to know which smokeless cigarette brand to buy.  Read our post on smokeless cigarette comparisons to understand and be educated on what to look for in a quality brand such as Smokestik which will almost guarantee that you will quit smoking for good or at least reduce the harmful tobacco smoke intake which is destroying your lungs.

The Smokestik brand is the only USA manufactured Electric Cigarette which meets some of the strictest quality standards you would expect from a US made product.  It comes with an amazing 30 day money back guarette and a lifetime warranty – beat that auto makers.

In the summer of 2009 a novel smoking cessation pilot study was conducted. The aim of the pilot study was to examine overall cessation rates after 12 weeks in a multi-modal cessation program as well as test the safety of electronic cigarettes in terms of propylene glycol levels. This pilot represents a major first step in moving forward with a much larger randomized clinical trial testing whether the combination of multiple interventions has a positive effect on smoking cessation rates.

The current study combined 3 unique smoking cessation interventions; varenicline, cognitive- behavioral group therapy and a SmokeStik® electronic cigarette. At the end of the program all participants had quit smoking. Qualitative self-report data revealed that all participants found a multi-modal approach helpful in the smoking cessation process, including the use of an electronic cigarette.

How is a SmokeStik safer if it still contains nicotine?

Nicotine is a drug like caffeine. Like caffeine, it has its addictive properties and its own set of side effects. However, the more dangerous part of smoking is related to the burning of a cigarette.

There are more than 4,000 chemicals generally found in tobacco smoke. More than 50 of these are known to cause cancer. Most of the chemicals including carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide are formed when tobacco burns. The complete list of chemicals added to your cigarettes is too long to list here. To name a few: Ammonia, Arsenic, Benzene, Butane, Carbon monoxide, Cadmium, Cyanide DDT, Lead, Formaldehyde, Naphthalene…the list goes on! As a cigarette is smoked, the amount of tar inhaled into the lungs increases, and the last puff contains more than twice as much tar as the first puff. Carbon monoxide makes it harder for red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Tar is a mixture of substances that together form a sticky mass in the lungs. Most of the chemicals inhaled in cigarette smoke stay in the lungs. The more you inhale, the better it feels and the greater the damage to your lungs.

Electronic cigarettes DO NOT burn. They do not contain tar . Further, they contain only water, propylene glycol, nicotine (if chosen by you), and optional flavors.

Also, keep in mind that you can purchase nicotine free cartridges if you are just looking to mimic the effects of smoking.

Make the switch to buy electric cigarettes here

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Gas Station And Bar Smokeless Cigarettes – Are They Worth The Money

With tobacco cigarettes switching over to glue rings in their cigarettes to be fire safe, more and more people are looking for alternatives.  The electronic cigarette is already becoming huge.  It has been wildly successful in other countries for years.  It is different than a real cigarette, but can definitely be a good option for smokers.  From my personal experience and talking with others within my circle which use these products, I can say that smokers love these things and they are flying off of the shelves.  Some Smokers of  the Smokestik brand have claims of a 90% success rate!  For those who wish to change their habits, this is definitely the alternative.

If you compare what is in an electronic cigarette to what is in a tobacco cigarette, you will find that they appear to be better for the smoker and for those around the smoker. The vapor allows the smoker to inhale and exhale just as you would a real cigarette, without the harmful second hand smoke. The vapor is water based so it dissipates upon exhalation.

So how do the multitude of different electronic cigarette brands compare?  There are huge differences in brands, when deciding to buy one, keep in mind what you will use it for:

  1. Just as a throw away when you go to a smokeless bar (smoking bans) for the night?
  2. Genuinely trying to quit tobacco smoking and try other smokeless cigarette alternatives?
  3. Curious about electronic cigarettes?

If you are in the 1 and 3 category above, go and waste your money on gas station and bar brands.  The gas stations and bars are in for a quick $20-30$ per sale for desperate customers.  These are not the best electronic cigarette brands out there.  They don’t last long, often they are cheap China imitations and quite frankly they may give you a bad impression of an electronic cigarette.  You might be saying, I’ve tried these and they don’t work or they are just a gimmick.   Also keep in mind, the problems that will arise from electronic cigarettes  going mainstream will be the tobacco companies and the pharmaceutical companies losing out on profit and as we all know.  However, like I said, there are huge differences in e-cig brands.

Once you try a USA brand Quality electric cigarette, you will begin to ask yourself, do I really need those nasty tobacco cigarettes if this electronic cigarette gives me every cigarette craving I need?  The truth is, if you are under the number 2 category above, you will have to try a quality e-cigarette like Smokestik.  Just look at the comparison post and you will be asking yourself, why didn’t I switch to quality e-cigs sooner.