Gas Station And Bar Smokeless Cigarettes – Are They Worth The Money

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With tobacco cigarettes switching over to glue rings in their cigarettes to be fire safe, more and more people are looking for alternatives.  The electronic cigarette is already becoming huge.  It has been wildly successful in other countries for years.  It is different than a real cigarette, but can definitely be a good option for smokers.  From my personal experience and talking with others within my circle which use these products, I can say that smokers love these things and they are flying off of the shelves.  Some Smokers of  the Smokestik brand have claims of a 90% success rate!  For those who wish to change their habits, this is definitely the alternative.

If you compare what is in an electronic cigarette to what is in a tobacco cigarette, you will find that they appear to be better for the smoker and for those around the smoker. The vapor allows the smoker to inhale and exhale just as you would a real cigarette, without the harmful second hand smoke. The vapor is water based so it dissipates upon exhalation.

So how do the multitude of different electronic cigarette brands compare?  There are huge differences in brands, when deciding to buy one, keep in mind what you will use it for:

  1. Just as a throw away when you go to a smokeless bar (smoking bans) for the night?
  2. Genuinely trying to quit tobacco smoking and try other smokeless cigarette alternatives?
  3. Curious about electronic cigarettes?

If you are in the 1 and 3 category above, go and waste your money on gas station and bar brands.  The gas stations and bars are in for a quick $20-30$ per sale for desperate customers.  These are not the best electronic cigarette brands out there.  They don’t last long, often they are cheap China imitations and quite frankly they may give you a bad impression of an electronic cigarette.  You might be saying, I’ve tried these and they don’t work or they are just a gimmick.   Also keep in mind, the problems that will arise from electronic cigarettes  going mainstream will be the tobacco companies and the pharmaceutical companies losing out on profit and as we all know.  However, like I said, there are huge differences in e-cig brands.

Once you try a USA brand Quality electric cigarette, you will begin to ask yourself, do I really need those nasty tobacco cigarettes if this electronic cigarette gives me every cigarette craving I need?  The truth is, if you are under the number 2 category above, you will have to try a quality e-cigarette like Smokestik.  Just look at the comparison post and you will be asking yourself, why didn’t I switch to quality e-cigs sooner.

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