Buy Electronic Cigarette in Store

Can you buy electronic cigarette in store ? The quick answer is yes if you want to waste your money on low quality electronic cigarettes. The fact is try a real electronic cigarette first (Like Smokestik) if your serious about quitting or kicking your long habit. If you just want to try one at the store, that wont help you either since the performance and quality are so poor. You will not get the true inhaling satisfaction as with traditional tobacco cigarettes and get the wrong impression that electronic cigarettes or sometime called smokeless cigarettes do not work. I had been battling the smoking habit for 30 years! Finally, I am satisfied with my smokestik and have not reverted back to traditional cigarettes for almost going on 3 years now. Have snuck one in occasionally ? Yes! just to see if I would go back. Its amazing that 3 years I can’t stand the smell, taste, or mess of traditional cigarettes now.

If you can’t wait for fast 2-4 day delivery for a quality brand of electronic cigarettes and are doing some shopping around, Here are some tips that I would suggest before you buy electronic cigarette in store :

Go to the Comparison Guide Here.

  • How long will the batteries last. On most gas station and smoking ban bars, you might as well throw your money away. These brands are mostly Chinese cheap imitation E-Cigarettes and are designed to last about a week or two before having severe quality issues. If you go to a cigarette store make sure you ask about battery life, the good brands have a battery life of about 2-7 days depending on how often you use the electronic cigarette.
  • Does it come with a USB, Home, and/or car charger?
  • How much vapor smoke is being exhaled. Some electronic cigarettes in stores will only produce a puff to a little bit. The USA brands like Smokestik are high quality and produce so much vapor that you can actually blow smoke rings.
  • The size of the inhale hole at the smokeless cigarette tip matters. Many people I know, including myself have bought brands which look cool, however, when you try to inhale, you almost turn blue because they restrict your inhale while not allowing you to feel the same satisfaction you get from a traditional cigarette.
  • Leaky filters. The last thing you need is the filter tip to leak e-cig liquid into your mouth. The cheap brands tend to use e-liquid and it is basically a mess to Refill and use. The best smokeless cigarette brands come with cartomizers which contain the filter, vapor liquid, and tip all in one. Just screw it into your battery and your done.

So where is the best place to buy electronic cigarettes?  The answer so far has been online (visit Smokestik and get 10% off) however your local store may want to carry a brand you recommend to them from your experience.

Please comment below if you have other questions and we will gladly post your questions and answers for you and lessons learned for others like you to learn from.