Where Can I Buy A Electronic Cigarettes?

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Q. Where can I buy electronic cigarettes that are cheap and and good Quality please help thanks.

The quick answer is many places.  However, do your research and homework to know what brand to buy.  There are several smokeless cigarettes out on the market today.  The best way to understand the benefits and features of each branded e-cig device is to go to the comparison guide HERE.  If you are doing some shopping around, here some items for you to think about:
  • How long will the batteries last.  In most gas station and smoking ban bars, you might as well throw your money away.  These brands are mainly Chinese cheap imitation e-cigarettes and are designed to last about a week or two before having severe quality issues.  If you go to a cigarette store make sure you ask about battery life, the good brands have a battery life of about 2-7 days depending on how often you use the electronic cigarette.  Battery Life – Huge problem if you don’t get the best brands.  Make sure they use a high powered lithium ion long life battery.
  • Does it come with a USB, Home, and/or car charger?  You don’t want to be caught without it and out of desperation buy traditional cigarettes to satisfy your craving.
  • How much vapor smoke is being inhaled and exhaled.  Some electronic cigarettes in stores will only produce a puff to a little bit.  The USA brands like Smokestik are high quality and produce so much vapor that you can actually blow smoke rings.  We recommend using cartomizers.
  • The size of the inhale hole at the smokeless cigarette tip matters.  Many people I know, including myself have bought brands which look cool, however, when you try to inhale, you almost turn blue because they restrict your inhale while not allowing you to feel the same satisfaction you get from a traditional cigarette.
  • Leaky filters.  The last thing you need is the filter tip to leak e-cig liquid into your mouth.  The cheap brands tend to use e-liquid and it is basically a mess to refill and use.  The best smokeless cigarette brands come with cartomizers which contain the filter, vapor liquid, and tip all in one.  Just screw it into your battery and your done.
So where is the best place to buy electronic cigarettes? The answer so far has been online however your local store may want to carry a brand you recommend to them from your experience.
Please comment below if you have other questions and we will gladly post your questions and answers for you and lessons learned for others like you to learn from.


  1. Frieda Keo says:

    It’s always nice to see electronic cigarettes getting a bit of attention in the mainstream media. It helps people realize that these little cigarette-shaped devices are not cigarettes, but rather tools that we use to make life better for ourselves and the people around us. The elimination of secondhand smoke is definitely a good thing.Jack Keenan recently posted..Virgin Vapor Pina Colada

  2. david says:

    i found mystic to be an excellent brand, but the company seems to be totally incompetant.
    they are constantly out of replacement cartridges, which is causing them to loose big bucks and disappointing customers, forcing them to go elsewhere.

  3. hwip says:

    flea market

  4. Megan says:


  5. Steven says:

    honestly there not that good too me and i wouldnt recomend them..
    but you can get them at most smoke shops 🙂

  6. Just T says:

    What the hell are electronic cigarettes?

  7. Dylan T says:

    Like the others said you can buy them online
    Searching Google or E-Bay will certianly find you them.
    You can also find them at Vendors at Local Malls
    and Best of luck ;D

  8. Glittery says:

    I just seen a add on a website for these. http://www.blucigs.com/index.php?ref=98&…

  9. EJMJS says:

    Take a look at . They may not be the cheapest but they are the actual size of a regular cigarette. I can definitely vouch for quality!

  10. Lynnerd says:

    Ok – there are plenty of places to buy ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES online, but only one place that i can recommend. I buy electronic cigarettes online without worry of FDA approval because they do not put nicotine in their product. Check out They are the ONLY website selling FDA Licensed electronic cigarette product, also known as The SmokeFree, and take credit cards. They’ll even let you sign-up as a distributor so you can purchase their electronic cigarettes at wholesale prices and resell them.
    Also, email info@buyelectroniccigarettesonline.org if you have any more questions. They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help you along.

  11. John says:

    Then check out the disposable atomizer kit at http://www.electroniccigarettesinc.com – They guarantee you the most vapor over any ecig on the market? It’s because with every cartridge you get a new atomizer. It is the newest technology.

  12. TheVapor says:

    I will advise you to do a little research. The best electronic cigarette out there are re branded Joyetech 510’s like the PRO 1. They produce the most vapor and deliver the best throat hit you can ask for. These are the features you want if you wish to truly simulate a real cigarette. I can tell you from experience it is only a matter of time before you end up purchasing a re branded Joyetech 510. The ecigarettes that have a atomizer that you replace when the cartridge is empty know as the 2 piece have terrible flavor are expensive to operate “They lack the ability to refill” and do not produce much vapor. You can get 2 ecigs for under $57
    When you shop around ask questions, check stock, shipping methods and the vendors email response time ie: Customer Service.

  13. Anonymous says:

    you’ll get an excellent e-cig from 21 century smoking! the blackjack model is awesome – no messy liquid to mess with and it’s only 2 parts – the battery and nicotine cartridge! they have amazing nicotine flavors too! they’re located in chicago – they process/ship orders very quickly! http://www.21centurysmoking.com 🙂

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