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Where Can I Buy Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarettes In Hawaii That Is Not Online?

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I live on Oahu and am looking for the “Smoking Everywhereelectronic cigarette Brand, but I would prefer to buy it in person then online. Is there a location on the island where I can go and pick one up? Any help would be great…

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  1. Nance says:

    The new electronic cigarette is already a very popular item. Because of this, many different types have been created. This can be great because it offers many different options for all different types of people.
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  2. Kuuipo says:

    Aloha, I’m not sure if you still need an answer. But Here it goes, I live in HI and the only island that I know of is Oahu. Okay you have several on the island that is ONLY FOR E-CIGGS… There’s the famous Volcano E-Cigs; they have 2 locations right now which is Kaimuki and the one at Pearlridge on the Downtown side. BUT BE FOREWARNED there lines are LONG. Okay then you have Dream Electronic Ciggs on Nimitz and another one in Wahiawa (there newest location). Also there’s one more in Chinatown I forget their name because they are ALWAYS CLOSED & YOU GOTTA walk through a bar to get to their store.. Wow! What a load of s#it!!!! Plus there’s ONLY 2 stalls that are ALWAYS taken. Volcano and Dream will let u sample their product line for Free. But if you are new to this world I suggest buying a Volcano Electronic Cigg at Kmart or they have other brands at almost any liquor store or Retail store. For $20.00 or less this is a great option to get your feet wet. Until you are ready to get the bigger batteries and fork out more then go Volcano & Dream store to see which bigger battery you want to upgrade too!! Well I hoped this helped. Mahalo, Faletogo ‘Ohana

  3. _ says:

    yikes those are coffin nails in a box!!!

  4. laceyund says:

    I wasn’t going to answer your question because I am not in Hawaii and cannot offer you the answer you are looking for. But since it has been a few days and no-one is helping I thought I might offer you this:
    Smoking Everywhere is just one brand. Just like Marlboro. Just like Camel. Visit or The first of the two is more focused on American suppliers and the latter is a mix of the world. There, you will find many Review on Smoking Everywhere as well as a wealth of info so you can start determining which one you could get if you need to purchase online.
    There just aren’t a lot of physical locations selling e-cigs, but you might be able to find someone from Hawaii who can point you to a smoke shop on Oahu who carries them. (Either way, they are fabulous and you will love it! I haven’t met one person in my online travels or sales who doesn’t absolutely love it.)

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